Easy Sunday


There are some perks of being a fashion blogger like for example waking up at 7 AM to take photos with the perfect morning light instead of over sleeping. The advantage would be that you have the streets all for yourself as everyone else is probably sleeping or out of town and the day seems longer and you have more time to do all sorts of week-end activities.

Yesterday morning while I went for a chai latte I wore a little black tunic from Romwe with some lace insertions. I chose to give it a boho look with the tribal necklace from Diva Charms, a fringed bag and suede boots.

Meanwhile I keep thinking what to wear at the Fashion Gala on July 23rd, an event organized by Alin Galatescu at Chaboo Club. More details about the event at the Romanian section of this post.










C FASHION GALA teasing 2

I was wearing:

Romwe black tunic
Zara boots
Lulu’s bag
Diva Charms necklace

Special thanks for the trim to Beauty Studio 190


  1. Arati minunat indiferent de stilul pe care il adopti si imi place la nebunie cat de usor si natural treci de la un stil la altul. Cred ca e important ca un fashion blogger sa ofere inspiratie zilnica pentru toate tipurile ei de cititoare.
    Keep up with the good work, esti perfecta pentru acest domeniu!
    Hugsss >:D<

  2. Dear Larisa,

    I always love your hair and your looks! I really want to know if it is your own hair color of is it painted? And if it is painted, which color is that?
    I think your photos are so girly, positive and it gives me an smile on my face! You are Always looking so happy, stay that way!! 🙂

    • Hello Charlene!
      My hair isn’t dyed at the moment but I plan on getting some blonder highlights. I will let you know then the colour.
      Thanks for the nice comment!
      Have a great day!

  3. Cat esti de frumoasa, de fiecare data cu alt stil, mereu minunata!!
    Foarte finuta rochita, daca o vedeam pe site, n-as fi zis ca arata asa de bine ✌️✌️
    Ador geanta cu franjuri si palaria ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Mulțumim pentru tips-ul intenționat sau nu legat de momentul potrivit pentru poze! 😀 Deci, cine se scoală de dimineață, departe ajunge.
    Frumoasă postarea ta, așa cum ne-ai obișnuit! 🙂

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